Efficient, scalable, digital systems

Our off-the-shelf integrated software platforms provide a unique digital partnership between seed production managers and seed certification agents that builds supply chain integrity and trust.

Integrated Software

SeedAssure digital operating platforms

SeedAssure Management and SeedAssure Certification, deliver real-time processing, communication and decision-making against specified production practices or seed certification regulatory standards.

Working with SeedAssure digital and agronomy experts, the platforms can be bespoke to your specific requirement i.e. by crop and country.

SeedAssure platforms are intuitive and easy-to-use for data entry, access and analysis and reporting purposes, supported by inbuilt knowledge portals and training resources.

SeedAssure Benefits
SeedAssure works by ensuring data entry, analysis and storage is digitized for real-time processing and fast decision-making

As a Seed Producers or Seed Certification Body, SeedAssure will transform your practice of work in meeting the requirements of seed regulation, unlocking your potential to succeed. SeedAssure has the potential to provide end-to-end supply chain integrity, traceability, transparency and trust..

Scheduling of practices

e.g. field sprays by managers or field inspection by certification agents

Field data entry

with time and location verification e.g. of a certification agent’s inspection

Notifications of tasks

e.g. pollination activity, spray etc for seed managers

Risk Factor Alerts

e.g. entry of presence of a regulated pest by a certification agent

Data aggregation and analysis

At farm, region or national scales e.g. by national seed agencies for variety production or disease trend analysis

Real-time data and report sharing

e.g. Certification field inspection reports to growers

Accurate pest and disease identification

e.g. for regulated pests and diseases

Variety identification

e.g. for off-types

Training Modules

e.g. How to undertake field inspections

Proficiency tests of competence

e.g. on pest and disease identification

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