An Alliance To Transform The Seed Sector

Specialists in Seed Health and Digital Systems

SeedAssure Alliance - working globally with the Seed Industry and Government Seed Certification Bodies to deliver integrity, trust and healthly viable seed at every stage in the global seed supply chain.

SeedAssure Alliance

SeedAssure Alliance brings together world leading expertise in seed production, digital systems, plant health, government regulations and development.

The partners of SeedAssure, as signatories to SeedAssure Alliance, are connected by a ‘spirit of collaboration’ and ‘shared purpose’.

The Alliance also provides a basis for independent scrutiny and guidance by key stakeholders in the global seed sector.

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Seed challenge

The SeedAssure Alliance is focussed on some of the most important issues impacting seed health and agriculture in Africa today.

of the continent's population is comprised of smallholder farms.
20 %
of arable acreage provides high performing seed certified by African seed systems.
0 %
of seed can be counterfeit in some African countries
0 %
or more of the total crop yield is determined by the quality of seed.
0 %
Alliance Services

The Alliance delivers to its clients under three broad areas:

As a trusted convenor of stakeholders, driving innovation and smarter ways of working

As specialists in their fields offering research and consultancy

Via its gateway digital products:

SeedAssure Management

Transform your crop management practice to meet the requirements of seed regulation, unlocking your potential.

SeedAssure Certification

Professionalise your role in seed certification and exceed the needs of a growing seed sector.

SeedAssure Alliance realises government-to-government, busines-to-government and business-to-business growth, affording enduring and cost-effective outcomes.


To commercial seed growers, Government seed certification bodies; by-crop and by-country basis.


One time data entry; field and desk-based operation; real-time notifications and reporting.


Evidence of practice; seed health status summaries; traceable documentation.


Seed management datasheets; Varietal identification keys; pest and disease data sheets.


Take control

SeedAssure currently has clients across 8 African countries with 11 seed producers coming on board in the past 2 years.